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The extends the to consume native ADO.Net DataSets exposed as XML web services. parses the schema and creates an XML Reader the first time the store loads. This eliminates the need to create a DataReader and record definition, which reduces the amount of code that an ASP.Net/ExtJs has to write to consume a web service.

Place the file in your project. Declare any place you would use an and use all the same parameters except reader, which will be ignored and overwritten if passed.

An optional parameter object, net, is now accepted. net has two properties (described below): dataTable and totalRecords.

net.dataTable : String
(required) The name of the data table that contains the data.

net.dataTableId: String
(optional) The name of the field that serves as the data table id. If this parameter is omitted, then the first field of the data table becomes the id.

net.totalRecords: String
(optional) The name of the data table that contains the total records count for paging. This table should have a single column in it that contains an integer value for the total number of records in the dataTable argument. The automatically will calculate and fill in the path for paging purposes on subsequent loads.
If net is not passed, the will automatically parse the first table exposed in the DataSet. All other tables will be ignored.

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